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Le'Ob's Tours.


Location & Hours

Le’Ob’s Tours, was founded and developed out of a need to inform and educate people of all nations about the rich African-American Black Heritage and culture of Texas, Houston, the counties, New Orleans and Louisiana Parishes.
“A Past to Cherish – A Future to Fulfill”.  Those are the words that has ignited the growth into a prosperous community where people of all races can live, work, study, and worship in harmony. 




Why Le"ob's Tours

    Le’Ob’s Tours will help you discover the African-American contributions of Houston, Texas, counties, and New Orleans and Louisiana Parishes.  It’s cultural, business, religion, people, and all aspects of life which also includes the history, arts, music, entertainment, education, and historical sites.
Le’Ob’s Tours are markedly different in that they are in detail, however brevity prevails.   A special feature of Le’Ob’s Tours, we highlight the African-American Heritage contributions from the 1800’s to the present.  We emphasize, Prominence, Visibility, Diversity and Historical Landmarks.

Le'ob's Tours

New Orleans, Houston

131 Aldine Bender Rd. Suite 1114

Houston, Texas 77060


713 540 9399