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New Innovative, Exciting and certainly Educational.  Yes that is only a mild
description of Le’Ob’s African-American Heritage Tours  most recent Acquisition of culturally rich Texas and Houston History.   Texas has been dubbed "The Jewel Of The South,” and it is “Sparkling” now more than ever.  Please join us as we give you  history of the French, Spanish, Indians, Americans, Slaves, Free People of Color, the Buffalo Soldiers, and all Ethnic People who contributed to the founding, building, and the settling of Houston, Texas and Counties.

We will talk about famous people, and not so famous people, places, and events.

We will tour Historical African American Sites, Buffalo Soldiers Museum and other Museums significant to African Americans, Art Galleries and Black own Business.   Live historical characters will reenacted  history as warranted.

The tour will take you to some of the uniquely areas of Houston, Texas and counties.
Walk through Historical Black Cemeteries see Buffalo Soldiers Burial Grounds and unique monument tombs dated from the 1800’s.   Learn the history of the “Funeral Dirge” the Unique Burial System from Africa.  Visit Afro-Centric Art Galley, and Historical Black Colleges     See magnificent Historical Homes and the unique Architecture of buildings and Tour Historical Churches.  By the way we do not leave out the good food, the fine restaurants and wonderful entertainment. Le’Ob’s Tours look forward to welcoming you and to take you and your group on a Multicultural  Historical Tour Or African-American Heritage  

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​​Le’Ob’s Tours, offer African American Tours, we tour Historical Black Cemeteries, highlighting the Buffalo Soldiers contribution.  We  tour The Third Ward, Fourth Ward, Fifth Ward, Counties, and sites high-lighting African American Contributions from 1800’s  to the present.

Le’Ob’s Tours are markedly different in that they are in detail, however brevity prevails.   A special feature of  Le’Ob’s Tours,  we highlight the African-American Heritage contributions and Multicultural Tours.    We Emphasize, Prominence, Visibility, Diversity and Historical Landmarks.